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Retreat fund

At one of its recent meetings, the Board at Pian dei Ciliegi has decided to establish a fund that will permit its more motivated yogis to participate in extended retreats here at Pian dei Ciliegi itself, or at other related centers such as the Panditarama Lumbini International Vipassana Meditation Center, the Panditarama Shwe Taung Gon Sasana Yeiktha in Yangon, the Santisukkarama Centre in Malaysia, the Centres that followthe tradition of di U-Janaka).
It is the feeling of the Board that the fund be comprised of donations made by meditators or supporters, in such a way as to allow them to develop the virtue of Dana (generosity) which, alongside Sila (moral conduct) and Nekkhamma (renunciation), is a fundamental aspect of the practice, and which we will never tire of underlining.

Since we have a sufficiently large number of people in our mailing list, even the donation of a few euros by the majority would generate a fund that would allow those yogis who cannot afford to cover the cost of travel or stay for an extended period, to finance their retreats.
We invite you therefore to evaluate this proposal seriously, and to take the opportunity to help another with the furthering of their practice.
Donations may be made in the following manner:
- Bank Transfer (Reason for Payment: Donation to the Retreat Fund)  IBAN CODE: IT47F0623065420000030714189 - For international transfers: SWIFT CODE: CRPPIT2P027 (please note: the ninth digit is a zero)
- Credit Card or Paypal
- Directly to the Association by cash or check
Access to the Fund A yogi who wishes to participate in a long retreat at Pian dei Ciliegi, or another related center, should communicate with the Secretary, specifying the predictable expenses. The request will then be evaluated by the Board, on the basis of personal knowledge, the member’s commitment to their practice and the available resources.
If the request is accepted, the member must then, in turn, present a justification of expenses for verification by the Treasurer, by the Board and the Assembly. For costs that are not so easily documentable, a written declaration will suffice. The cost of Dana to the hosting center will be borne by retreatants themselves.
Every year, details related to the fund: the amount collected, the number of applicants, the retreats frequented etc. will be made available at the annual Assembly, and, eventually, through our Newsletter.