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Satipatthana-Vipassana with Brother Dassana

  Pian Dei Ciliegi Meditation center

from August 23 to september 24

bro dassanaIn the months of August and September 2015 Pian Dei Ciliegi Meditation Centre will be hosting an experienced meditation teacher. Brother Dassana from Malaysia. He will assist Bhante Sujiva during the August retreat (Aug. 2-23) and will stay on in the centre until September 24th to guide those practitioners who wish to deepen their practice in an intensive way, and also for those who intend to begin the practice of Vipassana meditation. During this month you can come for any period of time. Managing of the retreat (small yogi jobs) will be shared with other yogis. The Dhamma talks and interviews will be given in English.The teachings will be based on Satipatthana-Vipassana method. There will be two or three Dhamma-talks and individual interviews every week (according to the needs of the yogi and the decision of the teacher).

Dassana has been practising Vipassana meditation for more than 25 years. He was a Theravada monk for 16 years, which gave him the opportunity and time to do long intensive meditation retreats in Burma, Malaysia and Thailand and also study the Dhamma in the deep way. He practiced mostly in the Mahasi tradition, but has also explored other meditation techniques, which he shares and teaches in clear and acceptable ways for western students. Presently Dassana is conducting vipassana retreats and holding meditation classes in Malaysia. This is the fourth time he has been invited to conduct Vipassana retreats in Europe.