Pian dei Ciliegi Association

LogoPDCPian Dei CiliegiMeditation Centre started in 1996, to host retreats and workshops inspired by Buddhist principles. In time its activities became more oriented towards the practice of Insight Meditation, within the Theravada Tradition. It now organizes silent retreats of Satipatthana Vipassana and Metta, and hosts a variety of retreats within the framework of the Mindfulness Approach.

The retreat house is situated in Bulla di Monte Santo, near the small town of Ponte dell’Olio, about 30 miles south of from Piacenza, in the north of Italy. It’s surrounded by oak woods in a peaceful and silent environment at 600m a.s.l., in the Appenine foothills, just below a higher hill called Monte Santo. From the Centre you can reach the peaks of the Appenines at 1800m. a.s.l., through a number of nature trails.