Notice: the bus terminal has been moved outside the city centre

From April 18th 2016 the bus terminal has been moved outside the city centre, so after 9.00a.m, on weekdays, you have to take a shuttle from the train station to the bus terminal, then the bus for the Valnure, where Pian dei Ciliegi is situated. The shuttle stop is in the square opposite the station, so you have to cross the square, go through the underpass and reach the other side of the street.

On the shuttle you will see the direction: P.zza Cittadella - V.le Risorgimento – P.le Marconi (train station) – Lupa (bus terminal).

You will find all the details and bus schedule in the section: WHERE WE ARE

Sign up for retreats 2021

Booking a retreat in 2021 - General information

Dear members,

we’d like to share some information about our 2021 retreat schedule, . Please check the complete schedule for more detailed information on the single retreats.

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The meaning of the word Dana

dana 2Dana, or Generosity is one of the cornerstones of Buddhist teaching and of the practice of Vipassana meditation. Along with Sila, Morality, it is both a pre-requisite and grounds for training, in so far as we develop these during our practice. Without the support of these two factors it is not possible to develop right concentration, and hence the wisdom that leads to liberation; they go hand in hand with each other, and as we grow in wisdom and in our understanding of the Dhamma, so too does the wish to develop these qualities grow spontaneously in us. As with Metta and the other Brahma-Viharas, they are innate to human beings who have exercised right effort in the cultivation of mind, rather than abandoning themselves to their more basic instincts related to the mental defilements.

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Rules and tips


Welcome to the Association Pian dei Ciliegi, which organizes meditation retreats in Vipassana (Insight) and Metta (Loving Kindness) for the development of Mindfulness and other human qualities through the practice of meditation. Vipassana mindfulness goes beyond the ordinary mindfulness we have in quotidian life, and may be developed to the point where it becomes a Spiritual Power that permits us to experience a Transcendent Reality known as the Unconditioned or Nibbana. The path progresses through the development of “insights”, experiences of wisdom, or an intuitive understanding into the three universal characteristics of existence: Impermanence (Anicca in the Pali language), Unsatisfactoriness (Dukkha) and the Absence of a Self (Anatta). The scriptures and commentaries list 16 levels of insights leading to the experience of the Unconditioned. This very real goal presents an enormous opportunity for human beings, and is within reach of all those who dedicate themselves to the practice with faith and determination, following the method and the indications of the teachers. We would like to stress the value of a retreat especially in the context of modern society where such an opportunity is hard to come by, for here we have the possibility to enter along a path of interior research traced by the Buddha himself, and which has been followed by many Noble Persons in the course of time.

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