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We have added a new Satipatthana Vipassana retreat in presence to our program, from May 29th to June 5th, guided by Henrich Dahm and Massimo Bonomelli. You can find the retreat description and the Dhamma teachers' bio in the section "RETREATS-RETREAT SCHEDULE"

As you certainly know, the situation in Myanmar after the military coup is getting worse every day. The heavy violence against those who oppose it by demonstrating peacefully and without weapons is so unjustified as to leave us dismayed. At the same time a great desire also arises in us to be close to the firmness and courage of this people. Now more than ever our friends in Myanmar need our help!
As the Pian dei Ciliegi Association we have opened a fundraising to support them in their basic needs. 
Since it is not possible to use the banking system, trusted people have given us some safe references to send our help directly to people connected to friends, teachers and monasteries in Myanmar.
If you wish you can make a transfer to Associazione Pian dei Ciliegi
IBAN code: IT47F0623065420000030714189 For payments from abroad: SWIFT CODE: CRPPIT2P027 (n.b. the ninth character is a zero) or pay by credit card using the PayPal button.
Remember to write in the description "donation for Myanmar"