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Pian dei Ciliegi Anti-Covid Protocol

Due to the regulations relating to the containment measures of Covid19, we must reduce the number of participants in our retreats to 19/20; this is the only way to ensure regular distancing between people in the meditation room and, above all, in the dining room.
We will ask you to respect the other restrictions required by the legislation, that is to wash your hands thoroughly and frequently, to use the hand cleansing gel (which will be made available), to wear the protective mask in the common areas inside the building and to use gloves made available for cleaning the bathroom (or your personal ones, preferably).
It would be desirable that those with greater autonomy of practice meditate in their own room; in this way there would be more space in the meditation hall. The same goes for those who want to feel more protected.
Meals will be served individually by the kitchen staff and not as a buffet as before. There will be two seats at the table, separated by a divider.We will take care to ensure sufficient air exchange in the common areas.
We ask you to make sure that you have no flu symptoms in the days prior to your arrival and that you have not recently been in contact with people with Covid19. You will be asked at check-in to sign a release in this regard.
If you develop flu symptoms during the retreat you will be asked to leave the center as a precaution. If, when you return home, symptoms attributable to a Covid19 infection occur, we kindly ask you to let us know.

To join a retreat in Pian dei Ciliegi, it is necessary to comply with the current Italian legislation, in force from December 6th 2021 to  January 15th  2022, which requires the person either to be fully vaccinated against Covid, or to have recovered from Covid or to have had a Covid Test carried out in the 48 hours prior to  their arrival.
Here is a list of things to bring for your stay at the center:
• Comfortable clothes
• enough  clothing to cover the duration of the retreat
• Sheets or sleeping bag and pillowcase
• Personal toiletries
• Any medicines you may need
• Meditation cushion or bench (if you want to use your own, but the center can provide cushions of various sizes suitable for meditation; individual mats are arranged in the room)
• House slippers
• Notebook and pen
• Personal masks 
• Personal blanket or shawl to use during meditation.