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Sponsoring Pian dei Ciliegi

Helping QuoteDear friends and yogis,

if Pian dei Ciliegi represents for you, as for many others, an important reference for your spiritual growth, we invite you express your gratitude and appreciation with a donation.

In all these years Pian dei Ciliegi has offered the opportunity to practice with and receive the teachings of valuable contemporary Dhamma teachers in a pleasant and peaceful environment, also offering the possibility to do longer retreats throughout the year.

Besides, the participation fees are kept as low as possible, to allow as many peolpe as possible, even those with a low income,  to take part in retreats.

There are two ways in which you can donate:

By Credit Card

If you wish, a fast and easy way to donate is by using your credit card, through the safe payment system of PayPal. The association will not register any of your data; once you clic on DONAZIONE you will be re-directed to the payment section of PayPal, where you can make your donation.

 As an alternative you can make out a bank transfer, and these are the bank details:

Associazione  Pian dei Ciliegi

Associazione  Pian dei Ciliegi

Bank name: Banca Cariparma Credit Agricole            

Address: Via Vittorio Veneto 8829028 Ponte dell'Olio (PC) - Italia            

IBAN CODE: IT47F0623065420000030714189

For international transfers: SWIFT CODE: CRPPIT2P027 (please note: the ninth digit is a zero)