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Venerable Daw Vimalañani Salayay

vimalanani salayay



Ven. Sayalay Daw Vimalanani is a Nepalese nun who has studied and trained with Sayadaw U Pandita in Burma since 1991. In 1999, she completed the rigorous Dhammacariya degree which qualifies her to teach the Buddhist scriptures. After many years of training and translating yogi interviews, she began to guide foreign yogis at the Panditarama Forest Meditation Center in 2006.  In addition to teaching yogis during the two-month retreat at Panditarama in December and January, she teaches meditation and Pali at the International Buddhist Meditation Center in Nepal. Sayalay Ma Vimalanani is fluent in Newar, Nepali, English and Burmese.