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    Pian dei ciliegi

    Centro di meditazione vipassana



    With the retreat led by Federica La Rosa we concluded our 2022 retreat season, which will resume onApril 1st 2023. The retreats were almost all full, and the feedback was very positive.  The board and staff
    of Pian dei Ciliegi wish to express their gratitude for the seriousness and commitment of the practitioners,
    and hope that the Dhamma offered through the Vipassana and Metta retreats will bear fruit and foster
    rapid progress towards liberation.

    By the end of November we hope to be able to publish our retreat program for 2023, which will be sent to
    you and which you can also find on our website www.piandeiciliegi.it. Registrations will open on January
    15, 2023 and it will be possible to register for all our scheduled retreats starting from that date.